Henson Partners provides conscientious, performance-based executive search and consulting services to client companies and industry professionals within the Food Processing and Consumer Products industries.

We are committed to developing long-term client relationships through performance, integrity, professionalism, and industry specialization. To deliver on this commitment, we have adopted the following strategy for success.


Consultant Expertise

All Henson Partners consultants have worked within the food processing or consumer products industries before joining our firm. This firsthand industry experience gives them an intimate understanding of the unique set of experiences, skills, and talents that will match your firm’s needs. As industry insiders, our consultants stay on top of industry trends and technologies and work to maintain the most comprehensive network of valuable industry contacts. And, most importantly, our consultants know how to leverage that network to identify and qualify candidates for your most important and time-sensitive assignments.


Proprietary Tools

We provide our consultants with extensive resources for researching and sourcing potential candidates. Our customized, industry-specific database software is designed to facilitate targeted search efforts and is one of the most comprehensive available.


Planning & Execution

Before beginning each engagement, we thoroughly discuss our client’s expectations. We then give our clients a realistic estimate of when to expect qualified candidates and the overall project timetable. While we recognize the need for urgency associated with key candidate search activity, our experience, tools, and industry knowledge enable us to be thorough as well as expedient.

Working With Us References


Industry references—client and candidate—are readily available upon request.